In this article, I want to show you how to “befriend” beauty salon with its clients with the help of technologies. Particularly, I will describe how to use a chatbot, which is a program for the messenger. To operate in a messenger and talk to customers as if he was human, it’s developed on the basis of targeted audience and attached to a Facebook business page of a service. So let’s find out how you can connect it to your beauty salon.

What is chatbot functionality?

1.Your clients will find it easier to book a service.

Imagine one of your busy clients (you may have a lot of them). She is a businesswoman, who overall values her own time. First of all: don’t make her call you to book a hair cut. Nobody uses phone calls anymore – there’s the Facebook messenger for communication with everyone except family and close friends.

Let’s suppose you are already in touch with your clients through Facebook. But answering their messages by yourself isn’t efficient! You just can’t do it in time for everyone. So right now your client should wait for some time until you respond. And for her this time is crucial. She may have changed her plans before she gets a reply.

This is where a chatbot comes in. It replies instantly and proposes options so your client can perform booking without your involvement. She will pick time, procedure and specialist without waiting.

2.Your clients won’t forget about their bookings thanks to the integration of Google Calendar into a chatbot.

Let’s return to your busy client. She may have booked a haircut. But she may also have got a call right after or had a chat with somebody else, and she may have switched her attention completely. This scenario makes chances that she could forget to put the booking time in the calendar are pretty high.

The consequences are not positive for both sides: she is left without her haircut and a hairdresser is left without work. But you don’t need to rely on the memorization skills of your customers – instead, you can help them. How? By integrating Google Calendar into your chatbot! Every time your customer books an appointment, you get it on your calendar, and the customer is notified beforehand.

3.You will become closer to your clients, just like friends

For a beauty salon, it’s the key thing – your service should be friendly. Your customers should feel about talking to your service as if they are dealing with their close friends. Messenger is the best place for this purpose as it’s mostly used by your customers for informal communication.  

Make your communication valuable by inserting “tips from beauty specialists”. Just imagine how much you can trigger enthusiasm in your customers towards your service. They will want to talk to your service more and more!

4.Keep in touch with your clients when they need it by integrating CRM into a chatbot

Your clients have special dates like birthday, professional celebrations and so on. First, you gather this information by means of a quick survey at the first contact with your customer. Then, with the help of CRM, you can literally integrate this information into your chatbot.

Your chatbot will send greetings and suggestions about relevant procedures to your clients when they are most likely interested in them. Also, you can set it to sending information about special bonuses and sales targeting different audience groups.

5.The last but not least

The most common mistake made by services is that they’re spreading rather advertisements than something truly useful. Be different – take care of what your customers are really interested in.

Make sure that you’re sharing only the most relevant information with your clients (even when it comes in the form of advertising). It means that you are relying on their interests and preferences, not just on your own selling purposes. It’s very important if you want to be a trustworthy source for your customers and, therefore, to turn into the real friends in the future.


Chatbot can help you to reach the main thing – to become so helpful for your customers that they would treat your service as a friend.


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