Nowadays, chatbots are frequently used for various marketing and business needs. Although the most popular way of their use is idea validation, it’s not the only one that can yield real results. In this article, I want to talk to you about how marketing strategy for startups can benefit from chatbots.

Chatbots turn out to be extremely useful in marketing for startups. They can gather information from customers and attract potential customers. Let’s not forget that chatbots are, first of all, conversational interfaces that may appear more convenient for customers than traditional interfaces. But let’s approach this topic in a step-by-step manner.


Where you should look for the answers

While some of the benefits that come from using chatbots in startup marketing plan are more noticeable on the users’ side, some of them would be only or mostly for you. Although I divided the advantages I have in my mind into these two parts, it was made only for the sake of structure. So let’s take a look.

For your potential customers:

1. Social media has proved to be the most effective tool to use in marketing strategy for startups, nonprofits and other companies on a low budget. This is where an attempt to automate as much as possible will be fairly rewarded. It’s only your choice whether to waste your time on things that can be delegated to applications or to turn to automation.

2. Engaging people into a conversation is more challenging than most of us can realize at the beginning. At the beginning, you may think that you can do everything by yourself, but gradually you find out that you can extremely benefit from using appropriate tools, like chatbot applications. Their interactivity helps a lot to keep your audience tuned.

3. Nowadays, we obviously need to catch attention first when we want to create engagement. You can hardly do it with traditional tools that are used in marketing for startups. Chatbots still sounds fresh. They still drive enthusiasm of both categories – tech and non-tech people. Do you know what it means? It’s your chance to jump on this train, which may soon expire.

4. Not only the first contact with potential customers is critically important while doing marketing for startups. But it turns out that proper maintenance of communication with the potential customers isn’t less important. It’s not the easiest part. Honestly, I don’t know what is easy here actually, but I know that you can simplify things. And using a chatbot is the way to make implementation of startup marketing plan easier.

5. If made right, a chatbot can help to create an impression of authority. What I mean when I say “right” here is that one should deliver value through bot conversations. What is the value? It’s something you give away, like knowledge wrapped in the most appropriate for your audience form.

Bot makers use images, videos, links for redirecting users to external sources in order to create this value for potential customers. However, you can always do more. For instance, you can invite niche influencers to help you create powerful messages for your bot conversations.

chatbot for starups

For you:

1.The important thing about using social media is that you need to know your audience good enough to build strong long-lasting relationships. You would want to find patterns in the behavior of your potential customers because it may work as a key to converting them into your customers. This is what chatbots can perfectly accomplish.

It’s still quite an obscure topic for many people who have ever dealt with bots. And you can go without understanding it. However, it’s useful to have at least an approximate view at how chatbot applications work, especially more complex ones.

Advanced chatbots can “see” language patterns in customers’ messages. Although, it takes some Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and time, with the new services you can do it even without coding.

2. As the part of the human-like procession of users’ input, chatbots can store this information to inner spreadsheets or databases. Later, you can re-use it either to make a chatbot smarter or for other purposes that are in your startup marketing plan.

3. With chatbots, not only creating buyer personas becomes easier but also such an important process as leads qualification. Usually, it comes difficult to realize whether you’re not wasting your time and efforts on those who will never purchase. The reason is, again, the lack of engagement that can make people answer your questions and perform certain activities. With chatbots, you can easily overcome it.

4. Finally, using chatbots make possible adding personalization to any marketing strategy for startups. While talking to a chatbot, a customer would feel as if it is only he/she who is treated that personally. Creating this feeling is very important for any marketing strategy for startups.

5. Personalization comes along with the range of advantages, such as the possibility to find targeted subgroups of your audience, to create special advertising campaigns for each of these groups, and thus to adjust any marketing strategy for startups to the behavior and needs of potential customers.     



Any marketing strategy for startups (not only for startups actually) benefits from using automation. There are a lot of reasons for this, some of which are cutting time and money customer service may take. However, modern automation is different from what it used to be even ten years ago.

Today when we are talking about optimizing and automating customer service, we want it to be smart. And chatbots are the main way to reach it. They help to engage customers from the first contact, to interactively maintain communication, to gather information about customers, to retrieve insights, to qualify leads and to encourage potential customers to purchase.

So if you are still doubting whether you need a chatbot for your startup, I also recommend to take a look at this article and contact us.  

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