It often turns out that we are extremely interested to know the best among the existing options. Whatever different and hardly comparable they can appear – we want the opportunity to get to know the best ones.

That’s why we’d love if somebody comes up with the best stuff liberating us from a lot of research, which usually happens to be just a waste of time. And this is what I’m going to do here – to show you the best (in my mind) chatbots that you can come across on Facebook Messenger.

If you have come here to find the best solution ever in the form of the chatbot, then I have to disappoint you. It doesn’t exist yet due to the level of complexity that is significantly higher than the current level of artificial intelligence. However, I don’t see any reason to be upset. Much more is yet to come! Besides, we already have a lot to explore and make use of.

I have made the list of some useful samples of chatbots for various live cases that can make your life easier. If you allow them, of course. Now I invite you to take a look at it.

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1. For startups and businesses: Wall Street Journal,, oratio,, bCRM

Even though it’s better to switch to Slack in search for the work environment, there’s still something you can find useful for business purposes on Facebook. Don’t miss Wall Street Journal chatbot – you can find it really useful.

It helps you to stay updated on the most recent changes in the market. Besides, you can “subscribe” to the news of one or another company and, therefore, get notifications on the newest updates to track the stock market data. is an analytical chatbot that can be very efficient for the purposes of increasing user engagement and retention. Besides, the chatbot includes additional metrics to help you not only to track but also to take an action on the data that you acquired from the conversations with your customers.

If you prefer to perform time management and scheduling tasks right there in Facebook messenger (rather than switching to Slack), you can find a virtual assistant that can help you to handle them. is a chatbot that can serve a great help for such purposes like reminding, scheduling, researching, and travel.

Also, for those who have a lot of conversations with the customers via Facebook messenger, I have a convenient option – oratio. It’s a chatbot that makes possible managing and automation of the conversations with your customers. One of those is oratio. Sign in for 14-days free trial and explore available functionality right there on your facebook page.

bCRM is a chatbot for creating and managing marketing campaigns. With the messaging and engaging tools built-in, you can use target approach depending on who is using your chatbot and when.
messenger chatbot

2. For healthcare purposes: HealthTap , GYANT, GymBot

HealthTap has come to be much more than people usually think about chatbots. Today it connects thousands of doctors with those who need their help. We often face an issue when a health problem happens in an inappropriate moment.

Deep night, remote place or feeling too weak to make it out. This is a time when we need an immediate help, not at the distance of the calls to someone who just wants you to leave him alone with his sleep as possible – but at the distance of a message.

Do you also think that healthcare advice should be just as accessible as ordering pizza or taxi (by the way you can also contact Uber’s chatbot to order a taxi)? If so, then you should try HealthTap chatbot. You share your problem with the bot and it checks the symptoms you have. After it verifies the problem, you are redirected to the doctor who can give you a professional advice on the issue you have.

In fact, this model has all potential to function better than the conventional one of reaching medical specialist on the issue that doesn’t require urgent help. (To learn more about healthcare chatbots check this article.)

Another healthcare chatbot available on the Facebook messenger is GYANT. By answering a set of questions you can check symptoms that disturb you. This chatbot works similarly to HealthTap in the way it checks symptoms. However, it doesn’t provide the connection with the doctors.

Keeping fit is one of the essentials of living a healthy life. That’s why I want to introduce you the chatbot that can help you with this – GymBot would help you to track your physical activities and calories. You can get your own statistics and conclusions any time you want. This is what chatbots are so great at – they can transform your data into insights.

3. For staying updated on the latest news: CNN, TechCrunch, Digg

Most of the human beings want to stay up to date with the latest news. Could be anything better than receiving all the news in the same messenger you spent most of your free time? You might have got used to CNN news or addicted to checking TechCrunch – now you can turn to their chatbots to get all the news in your messenger without making any research by yourself.

There’s one more popular news chatbot on Facebook messenger called Digg that would kindly send you its morning news edition on whatever your topic of interest is. As you may see, all depends on the kind of news you would like to know about. Few clicks – and you get a subscription to a portion of the relevant daily news.

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4. For shopping: Spring, H&M, Epytom, Burberry, 1-800-FLOWERS

The most interesting and worth noticing examples of the leveraging conversational interface by brands. Some of them, like H&M, give you the possibility to share photos of your favorite clothes to give them main idea of your style preferences. Further on, they would send you proposition based on provided samples. It does help to save time.

Other examples, like Spring and Epytom, would rather provide you options they have and by this try to figure out what you like to send you more of that later. After picking something that fits you are inevitably getting direct links to buy the item online.

However, they are not all the same. Burberry, for instance, gives you a special possibility to keep track of their fashion shows and keep the hand on the pulse of the latest news of the Burberry Fashion House.

Also, take a look at 1-800-FLOWERS. It is one of the most popular retail bots that has proved its usefulness for users. Buying flowers can take only a few clicks instead of hours on getting to the shop and choosing something nice and appropriate to the case.

In fact, the idea behind the flowers bot is pretty simple but is there anything more natural that making simple things remain simple from all the sides.

To pick more information on how to monetize a bot and leverage it in your business strategy, take a look at this article.

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5. Even for children: Disney

Depending on your age there’s a possibility that you remember the cartoon characters blogging. Around 10 years ago it became popular, though without too much of talk around. However, today you can do more.

For example, you can chat with the character. Right now you can go and talk to Miss Piggy. Your children might be interested in this kind of activity. Maybe not only children.

Besides, there’s a number of interesting examples of leveraging chatbots that you would like to get to know. Those are Esther chatbot that is the portfolio with the conversational interface, Fify that serves fashion assistance, Neomy that keeps you updated on the exchange rate, Coffee Break chatbot that has a collection of mini games and invites you to play together in your coffee break.

Besides, there’s a curious case of chatbot called Bot Hunter. Every week it sends you an information about a new portion of bots. Moreover, if you want you can instantly contact their creators. In fact, the examples are nearly countless. So are the horizons to explore.

I’d love to hear from you about your favorite chatbots.


There’s a number of ways to look at the technology. You can either maintain the mood for a surprise or treat things just as if everything went as it should but there will be always a place for inspiration. (Here I’m referencing to the famous Einstein’s quote: “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle.

The other is as though everything is a miracle.”) Chatbots and other conversational interfaces are not exceptions. It’s a huge field for creativity. But you’ll never really know until you try.

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