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How To Use Facebook Messenger For Business

Have you ever thought how many people you can reach with the help of different platforms? If you haven’t, consider this: Facebook messenger has more than 1 billion users. Don’t tell me that this number doesn’t drive your enthusiasm towards using Facebook messenger for business.

Analyzing major platforms for the number its audience counts can become a useful, even priorities-changing practice, which you can certainly do on your own. However, in this article, let’s focus on the ways of using particularly Facebook messenger for business. Continue reading “How To Use Facebook Messenger For Business”

I am robot example bot that talk to-you

What is a Great Example of a Bot That Talks Back to You?

Our daily routine is full of technology that automates a wide range of tasks: from the most simple ones, which just consume our time, to rather complicated cases, which we are not able to handle efficiently. Nevertheless, we don’t pay too much attention to them. The thing that can really make us excited is humanized technology like a bot that talks back to you. Continue reading “What is a Great Example of a Bot That Talks Back to You?”

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How Easily Create Chatbot: Top Tools to Build a Bot

The technological world is inhabited by the words and definitions, which remain unknown to people from outside the industry due to their inapplicability in the routine life. However, it’s not the case of chatbots, which have become especially widespread beyond the borders of the tech field. In this article, we will get on the practical side. For this, I have prepared an overview of relevant tools and ways that can help to create chatbot. Continue reading “How Easily Create Chatbot: Top Tools to Build a Bot”

Robots hands keyboard What is chatbot

What is Chatbot, and How to Chat with Robot?

Talking to a robot may sound like a crazy idea. Or rather it might have sounded like a crazy idea but it’s not anymore. We live in the era of the fast communication, which has transformed our big and incognizable world into a virtual village. In this process, one of the key roles was played by messaging applications.

They have become the place that brings together everyone and everything for a worldwide communication. Today messengers are crowded with the services that are personified by means of a conversational interface. In this article, we are going to figure out what it means and answer the question “ what is chatbot ”. Continue reading “What is Chatbot, and How to Chat with Robot?”

Cover Chatbot iPhone mockup Marketing Bots

What is the Main Intention of Marketing Bots?

Just imagine: only a few years ago most of us used to think about marketing bots in a totally different way. The exact word “bot” was associated either with something malicious like a software program that tries to violate security terms or with a pretty straightforward automatic thing that pops-up on some websites and claims itself your assistant. Do you see this global change in the way we think about them? Continue reading “What is the Main Intention of Marketing Bots?”

Cover Robot visa mastercard

All That You Should Know About Conversational Banking

Modern technology is a space that is crowded by numerous opportunities, which are not necessarily obvious to the majority of us. Conversational banking is a very natural thing if you think about it for more than just a moment.

Today we have banks inside our smartphones. We can perform a lot of functions and access information that we need with a few clicks. We can pay without our cards using the same smartphone. In fact, we can do a lot by ourselves without any need to visit banks for years. Continue reading “All That You Should Know About Conversational Banking”

bot makes money How chatbots can increase your income from affiliate marketing

How Chatbots Can Increase Your Income from Affiliate Marketing

Before we dig into the particular case of chatbot application, let’s look at the affiliate marketing in general and how you’re supposed to benefit from it. If you haven’t had chances to familiarize yourself with it or to gain experience in this field, you may think that it’s just one more marketing niche. But I encourage you to learn more on this topic because an income from affiliate marketing potentially can dominate over any other possible source. Continue reading “How Chatbots Can Increase Your Income from Affiliate Marketing”

main picture of Top 10 chatbot examples to make our life better

Top 10 Chatbot Examples to Make Our Life Better

Have you ever got to think why we are so obsessed with technology nowadays? Why do we spend time on talking about advancements in artificial intelligence and the most outstanding chatbot examples?

Firstly, think about the following: what if we could take a ride back to late 90s and observe the way people acted about the technological field? We’d see that it used to be a food for talks among a significantly smaller range of people than it has come to be now. Continue reading “Top 10 Chatbot Examples to Make Our Life Better”

customer loyalty

How to Increase Customer Loyalty With the Help of Chatbot

Everyone who has ever produced something for people has had chances to get his head spinning around this question. How can I draw their attraction? What can I make to catch up with their current interests?

There’s nothing special in asking those questions as long as you’re trying to make better service. The only thing is that formula can be universal but implementation should be very individual for your case. Continue reading “How to Increase Customer Loyalty With the Help of Chatbot”

Medical Chatbot

How Medical Chatbot Could Help Private Doctors?

I’m tempered to write that only a few years ago most of the people I know couldn’t imagine a medical chatbot that could work as a nurse. You know, it’s popular to start an article with flashbacks so you would be able to relate the topic to your experience, evaluate the relevance and so on.

Does it have any sense here? I don’t think so. Let’s be honest, nowadays most of the people can hardly imagine a machine that helps in diagnosing illnesses as well. Continue reading “How Medical Chatbot Could Help Private Doctors?”

Chatbots For Business

Chatbots for Business: How to Make Money with Bots?

We can endlessly talk about how trending chatbots have become, predict what it’s going to result in, and review the most interesting examples. However, there should be people among us who would question their applicability. They would try to find out how they can leverage chatbots for business. And I totally understand them.

When it comes to the trends in technology, their practical usefulness is probably the first thing we need to figure out. Continue reading “Chatbots for Business: How to Make Money with Bots?”

Facebook Mark Zukerberg What is the best Facebook messenger chat bot for 2017

What is the Best Facebook Messenger Chatbot for 2017?

It often turns out that we are extremely interested to know the best among the existing options. Whatever different and hardly comparable they can appear – we want the opportunity to get to know the best ones.

That’s why we’d love if somebody comes up with the best stuff liberating us from a lot of research, which usually happens to be just a waste of time. And this is what I’m going to do here – to show you the best (in my mind) chatbots that you can come across on Facebook Messenger. Continue reading “What is the Best Facebook Messenger Chatbot for 2017?”