Chatbot isn’t just a fancy word to mention when you end up at the tech afterparty and want to sound modern. Nor it’s kind of malware that yields nothing except damage. Chatbot is a piece of software that you can use to automate interactions with your service and manage Facebook sales funnel.

Numerous chatbots are already available 24/7 on Facebook messenger (no need to call or email). They are always the same helpful as they are supposed to be (no surprises due to human factor). The advantages for customer service are obvious. 80% of the Oracle survey participants (top marketers and sales executives), said that they already used or planned to use chatbots by 2020”.

However, Facebook Messenger bot can serve not only for improving customer service. They can also become of a great help when it comes to management of your Facebook sales funnel. From building brand awareness to Facebook lead generation to nurturing clients, with the help of chatbots you can develop qualitatively different approaches to every stage.  



Building brand awareness


Keeping in mind that online sales funnel is the depiction of customer’s journey, let’s start with the very first steps, which is the brand awareness. The main thing here is to give your potential customers a clear view at the idea behind your services. Without it, you can hardly do anything from the following steps.

Social media marketing, email campaigns, and search engine marketing are the most commonly used and effective tools to use on this stage of online sales funnel. However, we shouldn’t forget about chatbots, especially when it comes to Facebook sales funnel. They can help a lot with the building brand awareness, and here are the options to consider:

  • talking to the Facebook Messenger bot on Messenger feels more personal for most users (which is what you need to target – personalization)
  • creating the chatbot isn’t just about a piece of software but the personality that reflects company’s character and helps to easily stand out from the crowd of your competitors
  • with the help of chatbot, you can spread recommendations and different content in a highly interactive form and, therefore, drive engagement (one of the key things to target while optimizing online sales funnel)
  • the best way to show that you care about customers is to provide the exceptional customer service, and this is what Facebook Messenger bot fits perfectly.      

I recommend you to take a look at these bright examples of how brands use chatbots: personal shopper Mona, H&M’s virtual assistant, style consultant Lily.


facebook sales funnel


Facebook lead generation


All too often, Facebook lead generation is what keeps marketers awake in the night. The reason is that this stage is considered as the most difficult in online sales funnel regardless the platform. In marketing, we apply the word “lead” to the potential customer that has shown his interest in your service or product by sharing his information.

To get information from the prospects, you need to offer something precious, which is worth giving you something back. You may become surprised by how helpful chatbots can be at this stage of Facebook sales funnel. Here are some ways you can deploy chatbots at the Facebook lead generation stage:


  • share valuable information (advice, recommendation, tips and tricks) which your prospects would want to get in exchange for their contact information (the proper content strategy is extremely important for optimizing Facebook sales funnel)  
  • another helpful function is that Facebook Messenger bot helps to keep in touch with the prospect on the regular basis sharing news, updates, and reminding about their interest in your services
  • Facebook Messenger bot can serve as an interactive survey (getting responds that will help to improve your services and chatbot itself), which users would more likely answer than the regular ones.



If you are interested in using chatbot for survey concerned purposes, I recommend taking a look Surveybot or get your own highly personalized Facebook Messenger bot here.



Online sales funnel is a cycle so it will be incorrect to say that it’s the final stage, though the last one that we discuss here (after this stage, the sequence repeats). At the retention stage, the most useful feature for moving leads down Facebook sales funnel is the possibility to stay in touch with the users.

The Facebook Messenger bot can be programmed the way that it will be able to notify the user about updates or react to changes in his status. Also, you can use chatbots to create referral program. For instance, chatbot can advise users to invite their friends or colleagues to use your services or simply chat with the Facebook Messenger bot.




In 2016, chatbots suddenly turned out to be extremely useful for marketers. Every stage of Facebook sales funnel can benefit from using chatbots. Along with the numerous automation and optimization possibilities, they help to significantly cut company’s spendings. According to the Juniper research, chatbots will save businesses $8 billion per annum by 2022.


I hope you’ve enjoyed the article. If you have any questions or want to get your own Facebook Messenger bot, feel free to contact!



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