Our daily routine is full of technology that automates a wide range of tasks: from the most simple ones, which just consume our time, to rather complicated cases, which we are not able to handle efficiently. Nevertheless, we don’t pay too much attention to them. The thing that can really make us excited is humanized technology like a bot that talks back to you.

What can be at least that much fascinating as the way such a tiny component like conversational interface is changing our attitude to technology? Actually, this is the main reason why today more and more services decide to launch their own chatbots and, therefore, invite you to literally talk to the computer. Even though it may sound a bit ridiculous, this approach is quite reasonable.

chatbots bot that talks back to you

The idea behind every conversational interface is pretty straightforward (yet not easy to implement): to make communication with the technology similar to the interhuman one. As the analysis of the market can show, people are gradually coming to favor services that support conversational manner of interaction.

In this article, we will explore the most interesting examples of the bot that talks back to you among those that are widely accessible. Therefore, if you would like to check one of them, you can instantly switch to a messenger and start talking.


Duolingo (for education)

Perhaps this is the first field I was expected bots to appear. Because just think about how helpful they may become for those who are learning foreign languages. The most common problem is the lack of real talks with the foreigners, which makes us stuck on grammar without a possibility to practice a real language. Now bots are helping to change this situation.

Duolingo is one of the most popular apps for learning languages. There are a lot of interactive exercises to test your skills. However, they decided to go further and help people in the even more complex way. Now you can talk with an AI Duolingo bot is based on. It will help you to practice any language in a conversational way, which is an irreplaceable thing in the process of learning a new language.

Duolingo bot that talks back to you

Healthtap (for healthcare)

Healthcare is probably the field that fears automation so much as no other field does. The reason is quite obvious: we are afraid of the future where we are treated by robots. However, in the reality, the situation turns out to be different from the one we are fearful of. Bots that have recently entered healthcare enable you to talk to the computer and tell your symptoms.

Therefore, computer program, which is chatbot, come up with the predictions that are based on the previous experience with users and data acquired from doctors.

Some of the modern healthcare applications have the possibility to connect you with the doctors while the rest ones just give you suggestions on what you can do by yourself and which doctor should you turn to. Healthtap is just one of implementations of AI that talks to you and helps to handle health problems when there’s no one to ask for advice. Take a look at this article to learn more about chatbots in healthcare.

Healthtap is easily accessible on Facebook messenger. The latter is inhabited by different chatbots. Take a look at the best samples here.

HealthTap bot that talks back to you

Lily (for making perfect look and more)

This chatbot has recently won accelerator pitch event and favor of the audience. The idea of the chatbot is to help women gain confidence by picking right clothes. You provide the bot with the information about your size, weight, height and style preferences. In response, you receive suggestions and advice on what kind of clothes to pick to feel more confident.

Therefore, it’s not just a bot that talks back to you but also your own adviser. It may become the perfect decision for saving money as you don’t need to turn to the expensive specialists. Moreover, such technologies can become a great solution for introverts.

Indeed, there’s a lot of retail chatbots that help to pick clothes with the regard to your preferences. So how has it come that this bot got more attention of customers? The reason lies in its primary orientation at helping women feel better, which is apparent to any user. If you create products putting the idea of helping people at the top of your purposes, most likely you would be favored by the audience. The same happens with chatbots: it’s not enough to create talking AI program – you need to make it in-depth human-oriented.

Lily example bot that talks back to you

Amazon Alexa (as household management device and much more)

In fact, I don’t like to mention Alexa because the Internet is crowded with the information about it. However, the topic of the article made me realize that there is no way to avoid mentioning Alexa. Due to the rapid and exciting way Alexa skills are expanding, it’s undoubtedly worth putting among the best examples of conversational interfaces. Just check this Amazon list to find out trending Alexa skills.

Alexa can help you to bring together all your home devices. Now it lives in many pieces of furniture enabling you to communicate with them in a human-like way. It’s becoming an irreplaceable component of “smart house” so that most of the people have a strong association in their mind between Alexa and the conception of smart devices.

Amazon Alexa bot that talks back to you

Google Home

This one is relatively new to the market, yet it’s not already something unfamiliar. For everyone who knows Amazon Alexa with her super-power, Google Home won’t become a huge surprise. The principle is the same: purchasing device, you get a bot that talks back to you and helps you to manage various household issues.

The main advantage would become obvious for customers of Google services due to the possibility of integration between them by means of Google Home. By the way, here is a nice article, which can guide you through the features of Google Home you may not be aware of.

google home bot that talks back to you

Bot that talks back to you

Two chatbots talking to each other. The last but not least example is also quite unordinary. Recently two chatbots with the weird names of Estragon and Vladimir were talking to each other. Those are two Google Home chatbots that are based on cleverbots software.

The main mechanism behind AI works by means of acquiring knowledge from conversations with the users. Therefore, the more people talk with an AI – the more developed it becomes. In fact, self-learning systems are one of the most promising technologies today due to their potential of becoming more than just a narrow AI-system.

By the way, you can check the record of the chatbots’ talk here.

Indeed, I was pursuing an idea to find the best bot that talks back to you. However, it turned out that this task is still to be accomplished by developers and AI scientists. Instead, we have a lot of bot examples that can help us to deal with various tasks in different fields: healthcare, marketing, education, business, etc.

Talking robot Sophie bot that talks back to you


Quite often we turn out to be active users of more than one messenger. There’s nothing strange about it, you would say. Many people would also agree because these technologies have come to be deeply rooted in our daily routine, which is undoubtedly the most powerful thing.

Talking about daily routines I always recall the rule of 21 days, which is said to be enough to acquire new habit – all what you need is to do something on the everyday basis regardless the duration of an action. It seems like we are getting used to messengers even faster. It’s true because things that make our life easier stick to our life in a faster way than those that make it more difficult (like sports).

In fact, this article was dedicated to giving you a bit of inspiration for creating a bot that serves a communicative bridge between your company and your customers. This is the way you can make a life of your customers a bit more pleasant and a bit less complicated, which may sound like a pretty good mission both for businesses and people.

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