If you’re trying to find the way of successful deploying chatbot for your marketing needs, let’s firstly find out – why?

Should you owe this willing to our chatbots era when everybody in the tech world seems to be talking about them? Or does it happen because you are fed up with all these marketing efforts and you’re just striving for the marketing automation? No worries, any of these answers is okay but let’s find out true reasons of doing this. The clearer picture you have – the better you can leverage them in your business.

1. Personalized experience.

When people with whom you are slightly/not familiar turn to you by name. It’s a small detail of personalization which alters significantly the following conversation. Now the same happens to our devices.

The more personalization it carries – the more valuable it ends up to be for customers. Think about app stores and their products. How much personalization can you meet there? Hardly any. You just feel yourself as a part of the crowd, whereas chatbots can give you feeling of personal, tet-a-tet conversation which has nothing to do with other customers.chatbots-in-your-marketing-strategy

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2. Attention.

What is the most precious thing you can expect from your customers? Of course, attention. With the era of Internet in our life came inability to feel surprised. Most of us think that they have seen literally everything. And it made significantly more difficult the life of marketers.

While in the early times of marketing you could relatively easily draw attention just by means of television and radio, today it takes a lot of efforts. But if something is complicated it doesn’t necessary mean that it will work for your case. The same is about tools that work for others. They can not work for you. How can you know for sure?

Only trying by yourself. That’s why the best way is to find something in the middle that won’t cost you a lot of time and money. Because if you spend all of them on what finally won’t work, I guess you will be upset. In this case, chatbots fit the best. They are impressive for the audience, still.

People won’t miss the opportunity to try chatting with the bot to solve their routine problem. To help you in making it possible a lot of companies (from startups to corporations) have developed their bot platforms, which allow you to focus on the concept rather than bothering yourself with the development process. Of course, depending on your particular purposes, the expenses on chatbot development might slightly vary, nevertheless, in it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.  

3. Engagement.

Let’s suppose you used different tools (not chatbots) and succeeded in drawing the attention of your customers. Perhaps, it was your viral video or elements of gamification or anything else. Doesn’t matter as after that you inevitably face a new challenge – how to retain your customers.

They could find it cool to play around with nice features but if it’s all that makes them interested in the product, you won’t gain users. Only visitors. And it’s the words scenario you can end up with as the primary target of whole marketing funnel is gaining users – I mean those who regularly come back to your product.

One of the key premises of this is the ability to engage, in other words – to constantly keep attention gained by the user while meeting your product at the first time. Today chatbots have a huge engagement capacity as they still come up as something new and unexpectable and, therefore, containing a certain degree of influence on the interest in returning to the product.


4.Ability to reach a wide audience.

Whatever interested and unprecedented new functionality of the application is, it will always be jailed inside the application itself. However, it’s not the same with the chatbots as you can run them across different messaging platforms with billions of users. Of course, you will need to spread a word about it so your prospects can find and contact it but it’s not the same as with the app stores.

You won’t surprise anyone by putting advertising about new weather app. The audience is already fed up with them. But you can do it with weather chatbot as users still consider them as the new experience they would gladly share with their friends. Chatbot can be even not complicated, just with pretty straightforward logic but funny and containing something surprising – and your users will have a nice time trying it.

As already mentioned, chatbots are the modern trend. They may stay this relevant for a half a year or a year or, perhaps, much less. It depends on the development and upcoming innovations (which direction they will follow). However, what is obvious is that you may not want to miss the opportunity to leverage attention that has already been drawn to the chatbots.

There’s one more thing that might be referred to such a broad thing like the psychology of users behaviour, yet you can find it easy to leverage if you know even the basic stuff. Knowledge of the social life cycle of your target audience is a principle as it provides you with the ability to react properly depending on certain time and place.

For example, while being in messenger users are the most prone to informal friendly-like communication. And it’s a huge advantage to start setting long-term relationships with your prospects. Make them comfortable and willing to come back to your virtual assistant and they will spread the word about it to their friends.

As we have looked at the reasons for using chatbots for marketing your product, let’s now find out how you can do it.


1. Make your customer service incredible.

Remember that CS is frequently considered by users as a face of the company. If it lacks something, if it’s not available, if it doesn’t answer their inquiries, in other words, if it’s not nearly perfect, they will give up on using not only it but the product as well. Now you might feel pressed enough if your CS is presented by humans only. There’s no perfectness where only humans are due to famous human factor.

So how you can make it great? Combine human assistants with robotic ones. It’s the best equation you can get nowadays. Look at the case of Magic. It’s an example of a huge, amazingly functioning service supports that consists of both robotic and human forces.


Here’s how “Magic” happens

2. Actively drive engagement.

Your chatbot can handle a lot. However, there are things that might appear amazing for you and another type of things that come up this way for users. Don’t keep it to yourself only. Share insights with the users. For instance, your bot can gather information about user’s preferences, then analyze it in the certain (pre-scripted) way and come up with the interesting solutions.

People enjoy such kind of insights that make them think differently about their routine. There’s a plenty of chatbots that act like this but of course, the idea is not only to be impressive. Remember that we aim at users retention so it might be useful for your customers. Consider travel chatbots which gather your preferences and come up with the best solutions ever you may spend weeks to find.  


3. Gather feedback and analyze it.

You may want to know what your users think about it but they don’t like plain surveys. Your head is spinning around thinking about how to make it interactive. Your solution is around the corner. Deploy a chatbot to talk to your customers and gather feedback in the form of informal conversation.

Besides, don’t forget that you can make your chatbot analyze gathered information using different machine learning tools. This can yield you new insights on your further production strategy. Doesn’t sound great for you? Take a look at the idea behind Wizu. Remember that if you don’t want to make a chatbot by yourself, you can always find options.

4. Make notifications remarkable. Not bothersome.

You want to keep your users updated with the every new feature you inserted in your product as you are constantly improving to make it better for them. That’s why you are sending notifications. Tons of them. Be sure your users have grown irritated with them (believe me, they have). But then…how can you keep them informed in the less bothersome way? Deploy a chatbot! People like to receive messages so let your chatbot contact them when there’s something new about your product they need to know. They will find it cute.


Visit Wizu

How do you feel about all you have read so far? Was it convincing? Might be! Chatbots today isn’t just a huge trend but it’s a highly useful tool for automation and improvement of interactions between your product and your users. We’re living in exciting times with lots of tools directly coming in your hands and enabling you to provide your users with an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss it!

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