In the previous part, we talked about basics of user experience that one can create with chatbots. Also, we took a look at some examples of UX that you can observe in modern chatbots. Hopefully, you have found something that could inspire you. However, chatbots world is actively expanding, and this time I prepared a new portion of chatbots for you that are worth knowing.


Many people struggle with having a lot of things to do. It leads to an extensive mental pressure, which you would naturally like to get rid of. And when you can’t to do it and just stay with this pressure from day to day, it means that you agree to live with the permanent stress.

In fact, what most of the people don’t realize is that it’s not about a huge todo list but the lack of order. Nowadays you don’t need to have a personal assistant who can remind you of things. Instead, you can use chatbot that is 100% reliable (no human factor, which means no bad mood or sudden forgetfulness).

Jarvis serves the purpose of setting you free from the permanent pressure from things that you need to handle. You spend just a bit of your time (let’s say, at the beginning of the week) to tell him what and when to remind you, and you don’t need to bother about keeping things in your head anymore.


Searching for flight tickets often eats a lot of time and energy that you haven’t expected to waste that way. Every time you think about buying tickets, you just imagine going to a website, pushing few buttons, and – here they are – you have your perfect tickets.

Unfortunately, it rarely works this way. Instead, you need to spend hours sitting in front of your laptop or computer and staring at the options that are still not perfect. The more measured in budget and time you are, the more problematic it’s to find what you need.

Skyscanner is one of the most popular platforms for finding flight tickets. Being aware of how painful it can be to find proper tickets, they came up with the chatbot that assists you in search attempts. It saves your time and shows opportunities of the platform that you may miss on the website. It’s definitely worth trying (consider almost 10 mln of Skyscanner subscribers)!  


Finding people who are interested in the same things that you are can be challenging. You may want to have an interesting conversation, but you may not have an exact place in your mind where you can meet such person.

In the world of various networking tools like social networks, we shouldn’t struggle with it anymore. Perhaps, creators of Foxsy chatbot used to think the same. And now we have a networking chatbot, that connects you with the people you may find interesting to talk to.

I believe that there are a lot more tools yet to come in the networking area, and chatbots are going to be very useful for this task. Just think about opportunities to get in touch with people all around the globe without spending any time at all. You just specify your interests or let a chatbot scan your social profiles, and you get connected with like-minded people!     


Matching calendars with your co-workers is one of the absolute essentials of teamwork. But you wouldn’t want to spend your time on negotiating with each of them or just some of them to find out that the rest ones don’t agree. And you don’t need it anymore!

Meekan chatbot was invented to make relieve you from such senseless activities like scheduling appointments. It takes a look at calendars of you and your colleagues, and propose options that can be convenient for all of you.

You just need to add Meekan to your slack channel and let him access your calendars. It works with Office365, Google, and iCloud. Thanks to Meekan’s AI, he would recognize what you mean while you are chatting with him as if he was your colleague (“Meekan, we want to have lunch next Tuesday”).


Instantly receiving latest news highly tailored to your preferences is a possibility that most people may want to have. And most of us do receive news on their emails, which makes us miss a lot of them due to lots of stuff that we receive besides news.

 News chatbots have become quite popular among their fellows. When you receive news in your messenger, the risk that you miss something is significantly lower than on your email. Moreover, with chatbots, you have more options to filter information that you want to receive.

Techcrunch chatbot is definitely one of the most popular news chatbots that talks to you on behalf of tech. You won’t have any difficulties with it – just add it to your FB or Telegram messenger and specify what you’re interested to learn about.


Retail chatbots represent the most common type of chatbots today. What is so great about them is that they normally not just promote something but also help you with the helpful information. There’s a bunch of them, but Epytom is one of the brightest examples.

For instance, Epytom helps you to build great everyday looks. It contains tutorial that can help you to pick clothes with the regard to your preferences and budget. Later, if you decide that you want exactly those clothes that Epytom chatbot shows, you can go to online store and purchase them.

Either on Facebook or in Telegram, you can instantly start chatting with this chatbot and communicate your preferences. Then, you will get daily tips on how to create looks that can help you to express your personality.

Adidas Women

Yes, Adidas also has its own chatbot. But if you think that it’s just one more retail chatbot, then you’re wrong. This chatbot is dedicated to helping women keep fit by finding fitness classes, sessions, and nutritional workshops.

This chatbot does much more than just providing information about events and places – but it helps women to connect with each other. And as we know, community component is very important when it comes to self-improvement.

First, you need to add it on Facebook. Then, you will be able to learn more about it and how it can help you. For now, it’s available only in the UK, but we hope that it will reach other countries soon too.


Picking the right font makes struggle not only designers but almost everyone who has ever tried to make text pretty looking. You may have seen a font that attracts you but you don’t know how it’s called to find it later. Also, you may want to find a nice want but you don’t know options.

Fonts are a much broader area than you may have expected. They can become an important component of the user interface and, thus, help you to create an exceptional user experience. But you won’t know until you learn how to deal with them.

MyFont chatbot is a great tool for easy dealing with fonts and making them work for you. This chatbot helps you to recognize any font you see, offers you options to pick the one that fits your needs, provides you with font categories to easily navigate through the endless scope, and much more.

Record Bird Bot

If you have ever faced a problem of missing music releases. If you have ever faced a problem that you don’t know what to listen to. Finally, if you can’t imagine life without music. Then, you definitely need to try music chatbots.

Record Bird Bot prevents you from missing new releases of your favorite bands. Again, you just need to let him know what you enjoy to listen. It’s very useful as you will get news from the music world and won’t be left for long with the old playlists.

Surprisingly, music chatbots are not that popular yet. However, they do represent a good opportunity to stay tuned for the latest music. It’s all due to possibilities of bots to simultaneously look up numerous resources, which would be a massive waste of time for every human being.


Could somebody imagine that such brand like Burberry would have its own chatbot? I don’t think so, but they do have it now! It allows you to watch fashion shows, explore the latest collection, and purchase right in the messenger.

This chatbot is quite a fun to play around with even if you’re not going to buy anything. David Harris, Senior Vice President of IT at Burberry, explained this innovation: “Areas we are looking at include: chatbots in service functions, proactive IT operations, insight from pattern recognition, automated and scenario modeling for planning & logistics, and security & fraud prevention.”

When such world brands like Burberry make steps into the tech world, it only proves that every each area of human life will inevitably get influenced by technological innovations. It’s not because tech is trendy, but, first of all, because it’s convenient.



In this article, we explored not only nice looking chatbots that are fun to talk to but – what is more important – highly useful ones. I would be happy to hear from you what you think about them – which one you like and why. Also, if you know nice examples that are worth mentioning, don’t hesitate to let me know about them!

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