In chatbots world, creating a great user experience is a peculiar thing. While it’s all clear with mobile and web applications where attractive user interface should be wisely coupled with comprehensive functionality on the background, approach to chatbots turns out to be different.

The thing is that chatbots are conversational interfaces hosted by messengers. Although by their nature all chatbots are pieces of software, on the user’s side chatbot doesn’t look like a separate application. Instead, users see it as an extension of a messenger, which helps them interact with services as if they were communicating with their friends.

Therefore, user experience in chatbots has a massive shift to textual part, yet not measured by it. First of all, it takes a profound understanding of potential audience to create a human-like conversation scenarios with users. On the other hand, knowing existing chatbot technologies and APIs of popular messengers can help to drive engagement, hardly achievable by means of text only.


In this article, I invite you to take a look at popular chatbots to find out what kind of user experience one can create with the help of a chatbot.     



Chatbots are incredibly helpful when it comes to keeping track of constantly changing data. Being subscribed to service’s API, chatbots constantly stay updated on changes happening there and can notify you. That’s why travel chatbots (flights tracking chatbots, in particular) are so popular.

Instalocate has become one of the most popular flights tracking bots. Thanks to an advanced AI it’s based on, you can easily communicate with this chatbot and get information on quite a number of issues concerned with your flight (pretty much everything you need to know).

Moreover, the chatbot takes care of legal issues such as flight delay. So you can get a compensation when it happens. All that you need is to feed Instalocate chatbot with flight data and to wait until it notifies you on the possibility to get compensation.   


This is a great example of the bot that functions like an encyclopedia for marketers and salespeople. As you know, chatbots are all data-driven, so they have the power to go through large datasets and retrieve data that you need.

GrowthBot has connections with a wide range of marketing platforms like Hubspot, Google Analytics, Moz, and many other platforms, which makes it a powerful source of wisdom and time-saver. You can ask GrowthBot on any marketing concerned issues, and you will get an exact answer (as if you interacted with a human). There’s no need to spend hours on search engines.  



Here’s another travel virtual assistant that makes easier to plan your trip. Apart from flight tickets, you can find accommodation and things to do when you know your destination. Powered with NLP, it can help you to find good compromises between prices and your demands.

This is an example of how chatbots can be more helpful than such traditional tools like search engines. When they are fueled with ML and NLP power, they “understand” what you want. Consequently, they can come up with something that is quite close to the underlying context. Instead of relying on separate words.



This bot may surprise you! Unlike most common examples – travel, shopping news bots – this bot helps you handle issues concerned with your car. In fact, the creators of chatbot are one famous car repair company called Your Mechanic. Chatbot helps to check the price of car repair and maintenance, book an appointment in car service, and get tips for handling car issues on their own.

YourMechanic chatbot proves that bots are helpful not only in the most popular niches but just everywhere. Earlier on, you would need to search how to handle one or another thing or install an application that could be a bit more helpful. Now you can stay in the same messenger you use every day and find help on a wide range of issues.  



This chatbot has become one of the most popular news chatbots. Its main advantage is that it prevents users from getting too much information. Instead, it provides you with short reviews on what has happened in the world since the last interaction.

One of the extremely helpful features chatbots include is filtering information. This is how you can avoid getting lost in the world crowded by untrusted sources. However, it always takes smart AI on the background of an application.   



Available in English and German, this chatbot provides with the tips on creating stylish looks with the help of different fashion services. It’s a perfect example of retail chatbot and one of the most famous ones in shopping industry.

The problem of such bots is that they are quite selling oriented, so it’s difficult to stay away from being too promotional. However, in this case, you can always try to create a real value for your customers (besides product itself) – something they can get without purchase. It’s usually smart tips and tricks that play the role of such value.



One more example of a chatbot that you may not expect. It’s dedicated to helping customers edit their photos. This chatbot uses special filters and makes the process of photo editing faster and less boring.

It’s said that chatbots are new applications. And as you see, indeed, now they deal with the things, of which traditional applications used to be in charge. However, the biggest advantage of chatbots is that they contain conversational interface. It makes interactions with the services easier and intuitive.


8.WTF is that

This chatbot is made for curious minds and just for everyone who sometimes behaves this way. Every time you face an unknown thing, you can make photo and send it to this chatbot. He will recognize what it is and reply you.

Image recognition possibilities are becoming more and more sophisticated. Today one can teach an application to recognize things with an incredible success rate. Sometimes even humans do worse. Of course, the main premise here is to have a lot of visual data on which program can be trained.



Another unexpected type of chatbots that is gradually becoming popular is legal chatbots. For instance, this legal bot helps immigrants in the USA deal with various issues such as gathering documents, filling forms, keep everything in one place, and even prepare for the interview.

Legal chatbots have been proving their usefulness. And it is to no surprise as solving legal issues always implies dealing with a lot of data, keeping things ordered, and approaching everything from the point of strict rules.    


It’s worth noting that this chatbot is made by National Geographic. They created a chatbot that promotes a movie the life of Albert Einstein. Although it’s more about advertising, the bot conversation is very clever and worth trying.

All too often promotional character doesn’t imply bad user experience. On the contrary, a lot of chatbots that mostly pursue advertising purposes provide better user interface than those that aren’t that commercially inclined. Of course, the best practice is to balance promotional, educational and entertainment part.

This article is the first part of the comprehensive chatbot list. Learn more about chatbots here. And don’t miss the second part.

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