Just imagine: only a few years ago most of us used to think about marketing bots in a totally different way. The exact word “bot” was associated either with something malicious like a software program that tries to violate security terms or with a pretty straightforward automatic thing that pops-up on some websites and claims itself your assistant. Do you see this global change in the way we think about them?

Now we are comparing the level of intelligence one or another bot possesses. Observing how they are being developed and brought to the new levels of proficiency, we can trace the work that takes place in AI field. But is it really that they have appeared that recently?

Evolution of chatbot

It’s not true. The history of chatbots goes back to the invention of Turing tests in 1950 and first official chatbot ELIZA in 1966. (Learn more about chatbot evolution here.) Since that time along with the computer power, the chatbots have also been developed. But why did some of us know such a few things about them while some of us didn’t know anything at all? By answer to this question is advisability.

With the lack of open data and tools to get it, chatbots just couldn’t be useful enough for customers to yield any profit. In fact, science, technology, and economy are very intertwined. Even more, than we are used to thinking of them. One pushes development of another. The same has happened with chatbots.

Plastic robot with pc

Once a propitious environment has emerged – the ways of earning money also showed up. Now what really pushes chatbot development isn’t just about pure interest and curiosity around technology and science but profit they help to gain by becoming a useful marketing tool.

In this article, I’m going to talk to you about the way marketing bots have found their place in our routine. In fact, this is the most common reason of why one would want to get own chatbot nowadays. That’s why I was convinced that we shouldn’t miss this topic.

Also, we will take a look at what bot market in this particular field looks like. By the way, they have gained popularity especially in customer services, where they are often called in a fancier way – virtual assistants. One more salt of marketing bots (before we dive deeper into the topic) is about engagement. Talking in a human-like way, they have much more power to engage customers.

talking bot I iam not robot

Draw attention and engage

It has never been the easiest one. It takes time and efforts for businesses to draw the attention of the prospects to what they can offer. Every now and then any field that we can even imagine requires more enterprises that are doing pretty much the same that older companies have been doing for some time. So why do they emerge? Why do very similar enterprises appear? Because everyone hopes that he/she can do it differently from the forerunner because of different mind, preferences, and thousands of hardly perceptible things one can define only to oneself.


Well, sometimes it works and people come up with something special like a brilliant among a scope of stones. However, it rarely happens that it’s just about a product that really makes difference. A unique approach is what really matters and separate similar products. It’s about how you communicate essentials behind your business, what you value and how it reflects in the resulting products. There can be much more in your message to customers but it should be interesting not only for you.

team Office own bussines

Your approach should be engaging – it’s an important premise. To tell your prospects more about how evangelistic your business is – you need to catch attention before. Of course, it’s about the range of marketing tools at your disposal and marketing strategy that tells you how to leverage those. You may have it all. But have you thought of how changeable modern times are? This is where marketing bots come in.

They bring gaming atmosphere and keep customers away from pushing a lot of buttons but moreover – you can draw attention to the special idea of chatbot before you actually tell about your company. Chatbots are undoubtedly catchy and can yield attention of a versatile audience. It doesn’t mean that all of them would stay with you but you will definitely spread a word. Even though bot market is versatile but there’s still a lot of chances to show your individuality.

your own Personal chatbot

Sell and promote

Making sales means that you can successfully direct people to the special sales path you have invented. Promotion helps to do this. But – just as the previous one – it’s not easy. Especially when you’re just knocking on this door. You approach your prospects and then try to make them move in the certain direction. Sounds pretty complicated but as soon as you find your “hacks” it gets much simpler.

A marketing bots can become this hack. I will give you an example from the bot market: retail bots. They provide you with the tips on what to wear and how to handle make-up. At the same time, you are getting direct links to the online shopping platforms where you can buy the same stuff (you have just found useful while watching tutorial) by performing few clicks.

Chatbots Phone in hand

Does it sound convenient? Undoubtedly. It’s not a kind of unfaithful trick but a real option to make money by helping people with your knowledge and a bit of automation. By the way, retail bots are a popular example of leveraging chatbots in affiliate marketing campaigns.

Gather information and filter leads

Let’s suppose that you have drawn the attention of a certain audience by creating an outstanding marketing bot. You have a large audience now that enjoys talking to your virtual assistant. But you want to sell – this is your main purpose. Is it something that chatbot marketing can do with it?

Chatbots assistent phone in hand

In fact, by asking right questions your marketing bot can act as a smart filter for refining your audience. I’m sure you have already created buyer persona (if you are wondering – jump here to learn more). Therefore, you know what kind of questions you need to ask your prospects and what kind of answers you need to expect.

The conversational interface of marketing chatbots would bring engagement into the flow of customer interview. With a few efforts you can make it more game-like and customers would give you all the information you need. We are curious, we like to be involved in gaming stuff – especially when it’s unexpected.

Save money by making it easier for customers

The chatbot marketing is, first of all, an automation stuff, which in turn means that software performs tasks that don’t require human intelligence. This a globally important issue. Bots look like a mirror into the huge world of automation that is going to take over the whole world and each of the fields. Elon Musk suggests that automation leads us to the life where everyone would be able to satisfy basic levels of Maslow pyramid. He says:

Elon Musk famous Quote

If you’re interested in the topic, I recommend you to take a look at this article and find out what other prominent minds think about.

Coming back to the topic of marketing bots, I suggest thinking about it as a marketing tool for cutting expenses and making the workflow less complicated for both sides – businesses’ and customers’. With 24-hours availability, possibility to work with as many customers as needed at once, and ability to retrieve any information from the largest databases in seconds, marketing bots gain evident advantages over the human workforce.


Chatbot Hello Username
You don’t have to consider bots as an irreplaceable marketing tool. Nor you need to overestimate their current abilities. But it’s evident that marketing bots are easy-to-use and can become very useful for your marketing needs. They can save money and bring engagement in conversations with the customers. Moreover, chatbot marketing is also about the opportunities of establishing different partnerships with very few efforts.

I suppose the success of marketing bots has quite a complex reason. First of all, for customers, it’s about simplicity and naturalness of the conversational origin and gaming component. For businesses, it’s about the easiness of deployment and successful delegation of the work that don’t require human resources. This is how marketing automation with the help of chatbots has a potential to become a key one on the marketing scale of the nearest future.

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