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Beauty in Tech: from Claude Monet to Customer User Interface

Since my teen ages, I remember myself from time to time coming back to the question of why I can see beauty. Every time I used to dip a bit into contemplations I faced another set of questions, like those: why we all see beauty differently, and what are those necessary conditions that enable beauty to happen in my world? Continue reading “Beauty in Tech: from Claude Monet to Customer User Interface”

Building a chatbot

The Main Core Principles of Building a Chatbot

There’s always a big question of where to start development of the chatbot. You can think about the essential portion of hard-coded logic it should be based on, or memorable user interface, or particular features by which it should differ from its fellows, or anything you can associate your chatbot with and, moreover, can apply.

Anyway, at the first place goes another thing. And it’s a clear picture in your mind of the framework it should rest upon.

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artificial emotional interface

How artificial emotional intelligence became world trend

Last twenty years has served for making science open. It’s a huge breakthrough in the overall human development yielded by the era of the Internet. Particularly I would like you to recall here such fields of science like psychiatry, neuroscience, less trivialized areas of psychology and technical field.

Firstly, they’re in trend now (you might have noticed), secondly, they’re interconnected. For many years and eras, they have been hidden from philistine eyes until the recent times of the World Wide Web. Continue reading “How artificial emotional intelligence became world trend”

smart house interface human

Pros and Cons of Human-Like Technologies

Imagine you are entering your own home. At the very same moment you are observing how gradually the lights are being turned on in every room you’re entering along with the temperature that is being adjusted to your physical needs (not backward!).

You can hear quiet music that’s becoming slightly louder – it’s your favorite one. When you want, the music would disappear and you would hear natural sounds of breathing ocean or whatever you consider natural. Do you want to talk to your sister? Nothing is needed. Continue reading “Pros and Cons of Human-Like Technologies”


The New Age of E-commerce Technology

Today each of us has a bunch of options when it comes to shopping (regardless the kind of goods). You can accomplish it in the very traditional way by going to the supermarket yourself or you can always turn to the Internet. The latter is becoming more and more comfortable marketplace. In the early e-commerce era it did take a time to familiarize yourself with the specificity of the selling platform, then to look through the innumerable options, and, finally, to purchase. Continue reading “The New Age of E-commerce Technology”

ex machina most intelligent chatbots

What The Most Intelligent Chatbots Look Like

Every year attention of thousands of nerds and tech enthusiasts is getting focused on the one peculiar event. It is related to the most intelligent chatbot phenomenon. Since 2014 it has taken place in England (Bletchley Park) and it’s ruled by four top technology minds, who are there to judge.

As you may have understood, it’s a competition. The main purpose of taking part in it is craving to win Loebner Prize and to become noticed, of course. However, this contest differs a lot from any other related tech contests you may have heard of. What makes it different? The character of competitors. They are the most intelligent chatbots! Continue reading “What The Most Intelligent Chatbots Look Like”

user phone From Complexity Of The Chatbots To Their Application

From Complexity Of The Chatbots To Their Application

It’s getting more and more evident that current times are about adaptation to the rapid flow of the technological process. Things are getting complicated from one side enabling us to get rid of difficulties from another.

Our life in the technological era is full of intricacies which we inevitably need to pass through to reach perfect simplicity. These intricacies are about enumerable ways we develop to handle information. Instead of belonging exclusively to the close scientific labs, it’s coming directly into our life as the powerful tool for making the world better place. Continue reading “From Complexity Of The Chatbots To Their Application”

marketing startegy chatbots

How You Can Leverage Chatbots In Your Marketing Strategy

If you’re trying to find the way of successful deploying chatbot for your marketing needs, let’s firstly find out – why?

Should you owe this willing to our chatbots era when everybody in the tech world seems to be talking about them? Or does it happen because you are fed up with all these marketing efforts and you’re just striving for the marketing automation? No worries, any of these answers is okay but let’s find out true reasons of doing this. The clearer picture you have – the better you can leverage them in your business. Continue reading “How You Can Leverage Chatbots In Your Marketing Strategy”

recaptcha I`m not a robot

Making Technology More Secure With CAPTCHA

What would come to your mind if I ask you what a bot is? Nowadays it’s likely that you have heard of it in different contexts regardless the field you come from. Loosely speaking, the bot is a piece of software dedicated to automating tasks that require a set of repetitive actions.

The year of 2016 brought us new “food” for talks – chatbots trend. Continue reading “Making Technology More Secure With CAPTCHA”


Building Your First Bot, Or Where Real Difficulties Come Up

You don’t even remember already when you have seen the first article on the chatbots-related topic. For around half a year you have been coming across a lot of them. You would just glance over some of them and read the rest ones.

Your enthusiasm about the topic is still with you and you want to put into the work. So you feel ready to put your hands on development of your own chatbot.

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natural language processing

Words You Must Know About Technological Era

Our universe is expanding every now and then with the bunch of new technologies and terms coming along in our life. And to deal with this permanent informational flow we have a wide range of tools for observation, research, and judgment.

It’s attracting, it’s unbelievable but it puts a certain responsibility on our shoulders that is about digging deeper into things not to spread misinterpretations.Today we are going to figure out how it works from the inside. Continue reading “Words You Must Know About Technological Era”

phone and Conversational User interface

What Is Conversational User Interface And How It Works

Humanity had been looking for beauty in everything around since the very beginning of the human era. When we evolved enough to make tools for creating beauty ourselves, the great competition for making more and more attractive things started.

When you say that the main stuff is always inside, so appearance doesn’t matter, say it one more time anyone from the design field. What do you think those people might answer? If they are honest, they would tell you that you are lying. And first of all, you are lying to yourself. Continue reading “What Is Conversational User Interface And How It Works”