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Pros and Cons of Chatbots

Either you want to order food delivery, find an outfit for the night, buy rare flowers and send it to your girlfriend or anything like that – in the industrial era, these services looked quite differently from what they are now. It took time for customer services to shape up. First applications which were able to help at least halfway with these routine tasks seemed as extremely time-saving.

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How To Build Smart Customer Service

Most of us imagine that in the nearest future we all will live and work in smart houses, surrounded by robots to which we will delegate most of our routine work.

It’s logical that we’re not thinking about perspectives of Mars colonization or quantum computer that much as we think about improvement of the way we deal with our routine needs. The latter is what quality of life is in short.
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Top Industries To Use Chatbots

Chatbots are obviously the main tech trend we’re talking about in 2016. However, it hasn’t happened just as an overnight success that they’ve become so popular. Instead, chatbots appeared in response to our unwillingness to bother ourselves with the new interfaces all the time and be able to merely use our apps in the most natural for us conversational way.

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Chatbots Evolution futurama of ascent of bot

Chatbots Evolution

What should it feel like to have your apps altogether just in one single intelligent conversational interface? Literally just ONE app for everything. Can you imagine that? Let’s trace together with the way from a simple device (where we all started) to smart virtual assistant.

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