Most of the time we follow the same basic algorithm of actions, common among people in our society. Surprisingly, how far it has come. The way we do shopping, start a new job, create bot conversation, and even scroll through the web pages – all the time we have a steady illusion of doing it differently from everyone else.  It’s an illusion of control.

All too often, we miss things that are happening around us as it seems we are already aware of what we really need. Indeed, our world is labeled all around. It gives us hardly any possibility to discover it by ourselves. But is it really true, or is there any possible way out?

Being here and consciously doing anything we take up – this is the way. You may find this topic strange in the regard of that you are here to discuss marketing and chatbots. But let me explain a bit.

Users also have this illusion of control while, indeed, they are usually left without a choice. We all need this illusion to comfort ourselves. You can leverage it to get more customers. Let’s discuss how it works and how chatbot can help.


What can I do?

Naturally, websites and platforms are designed to make people stay longer and perform as many clicks as possible. Bot conversations are not an exception. They also serve to communicate an essence of your product, more interactively though.

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One may think that if you don’t show people an obvious way out – like a cancel button – they would stay there for longer time. That sounds pretty logical, right? However, let’s try to look beyond what we are usually told and what we are used to observing as examples.

Is it really a cancel button that can encourage people to switch to another page? As it turns out, it’s not. On the contrary, when users don’t get the possibility to comfort themselves in an illusion of control, most likely they would want to quit. And even a talk to an AI won’t stop them.

At the same time, cancel button gives your customers a feeling of freedom to stay as long as they want and, for instance, chat with bot. It may look like something unnecessary as everyone knows that possibility to quit a conversation or to get out from a website always exists. However, our brain works differently – it needs an evidence.

As it finally turns out, when people see an opportunity to break a talk to an AI, they would rather stay because “why to leave now if I can do it anytime?”. Your customers may not be aware of that. But when they are given options, they are more likely to show loyalty even if they aren’t loyal actually at that very moment.

Bot conversation with freedom


Bot conversation is a powerful tool when used appropriately. Although many people (in particular, creators of chatbots) still make the same mistake: as they get a user, they don’t give him any possibility to break bot conversation.     

Of course, they follow the same pattern that is common among traditional marketers without even trying to look at it from a different angle. What happens? They don’t get results they want to have! Because they don’t doubt and take everything for granted.

It’s essential to put into a “healthy” doubt everything you get from others. All of us make mistakes, many of which are getting shared among people. One person after another can make the same mistake until one conscious person doubts it.

Put “Cancel anytime” button into bot conversation, and you will see that people are getting more relaxed about the whole thing of chat with bot. Starving for options and freedom is deeply rooted in us. But there’s so much more already added on the top of it that we can hardly get to the core.

However, you can do much more than only this button. You can add phrases that highlight how you value freedom of your customers. By means of talk to an AI, you can help your potential customers see that their choice comes in the first instance for your brand. In turn, they will reward you with their attention.

It’s one more evidence of illusion of control, but it always works. The reason is that it is so much of what we like to hear or read. We want to be respected, we want to get attention, we want to be valued – all these things you can address in your bot conversation. Of course, if you make it right.





Making your customers feel good is an absolutely essential thing. And you can’t do it if you aren’t ready to give them what they want. Bot conversation is a great place to interactively communicate your values and show people how you treat your customers.

If you have a running virtual agent and you are doubting how good chat with bot is for your potential customers, we can help you to analyze it. Our specialist can professionally evaluate an entire flow of bot conversation and help you to improve it.

If you’re enthusiastic about the topic or/and you need help with a chatbot, don’t hesitate to drop me a line anytime! I’m extremely interested to exchange ideas and help whenever I can.     

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