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Beauty in Tech: From Claude Monet to Customer User Interface

Since my teen ages, I remember myself from time to time coming back to the question of why I can see beauty. Every time I used to dip a bit into contemplations I faced another set of questions, like those: why we all see beauty differently, and what are those necessary conditions that enable beauty to happen in my world? Continue reading “Beauty in Tech: From Claude Monet to Customer User Interface”

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What the Most Intelligent Chatbots Look Like

Every year attention of thousands of nerds and tech enthusiasts is getting focused on the one peculiar event. It is related to the most intelligent chatbot phenomenon. Since 2014 it has taken place in England (Bletchley Park) and it’s ruled by four top technology minds, who are there to judge.

As you may have understood, it’s a competition. The main purpose of taking part in it is craving to win Loebner Prize and to become noticed, of course. However, this contest differs a lot from any other related tech contests you may have heard of. What makes it different? The character of competitors. They are the most intelligent chatbots! Continue reading “What the Most Intelligent Chatbots Look Like”

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