Have you ever got to think why we are so obsessed with technology nowadays? Why do we spend time on talking about advancements in artificial intelligence and the most outstanding chatbot examples?

Firstly, think about the following: what if we could take a ride back to late 90s and observe the way people acted about the technological field? We’d see that it used to be a food for talks among a significantly smaller range of people than it has come to be now.

chatbot examples

Today almost everyone who reads news, talks to friends offline and within social networks, and communicates by means of emails knows pretty much about the current state of technology to judge. In contrary, the late 90s were about the time when only tech-related people used to talk about technology amazing people around with the secret knowledge.


Nowadays, it has become evident that there were no secrets but the one limitation – lack of the Internet – that was between the world of information and us. Indeed, the Internet together with the computer power are the most high-power tools we have. And it seems we don’t need anything else – we have all the world in few clicks.

But do you know what really matters in this technological era? The particular kind of information we have something to do with every day. In modern times, the information we surround ourselves with in online space defines who we are for thousands and millions of people. Information is our face.

chatbot examples

It’s your power and your rest. Do you remember who we are without it (if anything)?

All those paragraphs were leading you to answer the questions I’ve asked you at the very beginning. Why do we pay so much attention to the technological news? Why do non-tech people surround themselves this much with the talks about artificial intelligence, machine learning, intelligent bots, and a bunch of other stuff they have nothing to do with?

Because we are anticipating the moment when our life becomes the scenario of a futuristic movie. At the same time, we are craving to see our life when it finally becomes so easy and deprived of any generic actions and things as no futuristic movie could ever come up with.

In reality, we want to get rid of everything we don’t like and save more places to what we want to do. We want our life to be simple and clean. And we believe that technology is going to help.

Chatbots are probably the most understandable piece of technology for the wide audience. The reason is simple – everyone understands how they work and see their usefulness in the action. Moreover, they already can bring our life closer to the point where all redundant things will be distributed to the virtual agents.

Let’s a look at the most notorious chatbot examples that can make your life easier today.

chatbot examples


You have tons of things to do per day. A handful of them is about routine stuff that you would never want to waste your time on. But you can’t refuse. All those hundreds of things are vital in for the purposes of providing you and your family with a comfort being.

Someone has to do it. Usually, it’s you. You may only dream about someone who could take up this and make you free from it liberating space in your life for your truly self.

Actually, there’s someone who can do it. Operator is a nice example of an assistant as the app that by means of one virtual agent on the front and many human beings behind the scene can make your life free from all the routine searching, moving from A to B, scheduling, shopping, etc. Isn’t it what you were dreaming about?


Do you remember times when you had to phone taxi service to get a car? You also had to hold on and wait on the line until someone would talk to you. What is it now? Most of the times, you open an app and fill in your location details and destination. Could it be faster? Probably.

Consider if you didn’t need to use an app and could instead just message the taxi service in the same messenger where you talk to your friends. That could be more convenient. Uber also thinks so. They also think that ordering taxi shouldn’t be more complicated than messaging your friend. Why should you need to waste your time in apps if you are already using messenger?

chatbot examples


3.Slack bot

Slack is a workspace where you can easily communicate with your team. The most convenient thing about Slack comparing to other networking spaces is that you don’t have any distraction there. If you create a team in Slack it means that there will be your own team platform for inner communication. Indeed, most of the teams agree that user experience is pleasing for the purposes of work.

Also, Slack is the most welcoming platform for intelligent bots. However, the first and foremost one is your own virtual assistant you get acquainted with at the very beginning. When you sign up Slack bot makes a quick tour for you guiding through the main options you may take use of. Also, bot assures you that you can turn to it at any moment and it would provide you with the assistance.


You don’t necessarily need doctors in all the cases you would want to turn to a medical specialist (sometimes you just need to check symptoms) but a quick search through the knowledge base (that real doctor may lack actually). People have been doing that by themselves for ages searching through tons of unreliable data. Therefore, the emergence of healthcare assistants as apps is very natural. There you have a lot of trustworthy data and an agent that efficiently performs the search. After you check your symptoms you can provide yourself with the first aid more efficiently and become better oriented in further steps you need to take.

Learn more about chatbot examples for healthcare purposes here.

chatbot examples


Have you ever wanted to devote more time to learning foreign languages? I’m sure you think that you’re too busy to make it through. In reality, it turns out that you lack motivation, not time. Where can you get motivation? From your natural interest and engagement.
The problem is that lessons often lack those. Should you just give up? Yes, give up on lessons, not on the learning.

After you quit all the conventional lessons you will need applications for learning that are really turning. One of those is DuoLinguo. It has been one of the most popular applications of learning languages for a while. Now you risk getting really addicted to learning if you dare to try their intelligent bot.

6.Dinner Ideas

Cooking can be an art or just hobby that helps you please yourself. To turn it into an art you will probably need to go to special school or academy. However, if you just want to do it for yourself chatbot will be enough. “Dinner Ideas” is a chatbot example that can help you find inspiration and guide through the steps of cooking something new every time you will need it.


Women tend to want somebody around who can help with the beauty tips and suggestions. However, quite often, there’s nobody who can really help but people who are also seeking for the answers. But who has said that it’s only human being who can come up with something really helpful?

Sephora has come up with an intelligent bot that can become a substitution for a real beauty consultant. It always has tons of tips and suggestions. Also, you can discover appropriate products just there in your messenger without switching to the browser.

This is a good example of a retail bot that provides you with useful information in exchange for your attention to the particular service.

chatbot examples

8.Dom The Pizza Bot

There is a bunch of bots that serve pizza delivery service. It seems to be the easiest one but as long as you can save some more time it won’t lose its usefulness. No need to make a call or use an app, just message pizza delivery service and have a small talk with chatbot in a pause during chatting with a friend. That is it.

9.WTF (what is that for)

Have you ever seen something and thought that it would be cool to ask someone (what it was) but there was nobody around? There are tons of unknown things that we got accustomed to letting pass by without asking. We grew with the idea that we should take for granted the world around.

Modern times and technologies are setting new rules. They are about the world crowded with answers (not unknown). We have a lot of knowledge floating around. Therefore, what we need to do in order to get it is to learn is how to ask right questions.

With such chatbots like WTF, everything that you need is a camera. You make a photo – the chatbot tells you what it is.

10.Alex WikiMessenger

Wikipedia in messenger? Why not? Alex WikiMessenger is your virtual Wiki assistant in messenger. Any time you would argue with your friend and need to quickly check the facts, you can message Alex and get an immediate answer.

If you want to learn more about intelligent bots, check this.

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There is no need in looking forward to seeing our life changing accordingly to the futuristic movies. These changes are already here. The times we live in are different from anything that mankind has ever experienced on the Earth. It’s only each of us who chooses how to go about these changes.

We can accept the changes and keep up with the time or we can try to measure the intrusion of technology in our life. The latter is still possible.

However, it becomes more complicated as technology penetrates each of the sides of our complicated being. New technologies become more than just trends but very useful parts of our everyday routine.

chatbot examples

Today we can buy food and things without making any step. We can find answers to the most of the questions in a few seconds. We can learn foreign languages without any teacher and get explanations of the symptoms without reaching the real doctor.

Let’s admit that intelligent bots can help us with all this stuff significantly faster and more efficiently than any human being.

In this article, we have observed ten chatbots that are already making things easier, or – what would sound even better – we have observed ten reasons for you to try them by yourself.

If you think that there are chatbots that are worth mentioning here, let me know about them. Drop me a line!

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